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Legal Financing

Scrivnr is a first of its kind non-litigation legal financing company.  We aim to ease the burden of hiring an attorney by providing the startup capital for the legal need. 

Financing For Legal Services

Full Service Attorney

Get Legal Process Started Fast

Fast & Convenient Support

We eliminate the main burden of hiring an attorney.

Most families lack the resources to hire an attorney due financial constraints.  Approximately 70% of the U.S. adult population lacks the funds to pay for the attorney retainer and other start up costs for most legal actions.

Scrivnr can help by providing the capital needed to hire an attorney.


What We Offer

Scrivnr is the a first of its kind legal-financial company.  We provide you the start up capital you need to hire an attorney, pay court fees, public notice and other required costs.  Once the legal action is complete and there is a liquidity event, we are paid back plus our flat fee of $2,000.

Scrivnr Flat Fee Probate

Speed & Convenience

We are here to make hiring an attorney as pain free as possible.  We eliminate the need for any money out of your pocket to get started.  We procure you a licensed attorney in the jurisdiction needed eliminating days of searching and waiting for call backs.

Scrivnr Probate Referrals

All-In-One Solution

We take all the guesswork out of finding the right attorney so you can concentrate on the most important things.

We match you with an attorney, provide the funding, and guide you through the entire process.

Scrivnr Free Probate Consultation

Comprehensive Customer Support

Get unmatched customer support with our experts to assist you with the "non-legal" questions that you would otherwise pay $500/hr to have answered.

Scrivnr Fast Probate Service

Smart Automation Tools

By combining effective world class legal network we can get your started in seconds, have a real human answer your questions and schedule the appointment with your attorney ASAP.


A Turn Key Full Service Attorney Platform

Capital For Legal Services

Scrivnr offers the only non-litigation legal financing that will front you the funds to pay the attorney, court fees, public notice (newspaper announcement) and other required fees for your case.

Professional Referrals

Legal matters often requires many professionals to assist.  Attorneys, realtors, and accountants are often needed to complete all of the court required steps.  We take the guess work out of picking the help you need and provide you with proven professionals.

Virtual Trust Department

Scrivnr provides a "virtual trust" department for your case.  We take on the burden of finding the right attorney and other professionals so you can be confident your needs are met.

Built for You, by someone who has been in your shoes.

Scrivnr was built from the experience of our Founder, Byron Batres, who had numerous experiences (good and bad) in finding attorneys and other professionals to coordinate for a given need.   He knows first hand how hard it can be to come up with the funds needed to start a legal case.  Our goal is to ease the burden of hiring an attorney by providing you the capital needed.

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